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LucasArts закрыт, а Knight Of the force 3 отменен

   С прискорбием сообщаю о том, что вслед за закрытием LucasArts, Master Tim отменил разработку Knight of the force 3 и закрыл проект.

Сообщение Мастера Тима:

      Knights of the force 3.0 has been cancelled. This week Disney has decided to close Lucasarts and afterwards Raven Software has announced the great news everyone was expecting. Jedi Academy source code has been released. This is a great progress, however I no longer have the time and power to continue this project. I have been working on this project for 10 years which has given me lots of experience. But this project has came to a point where it became an addiction which ruined my normal life. For this I have taken a radical decision and erased all the game files and backups in 4 April night, permanently. If I hadn't erased the project, I would convince myself in time and let KotF waste more years of my time.

     Don't be sad because Jedi Academy Singleplayer source code has been released which would make other Jedi Knight community come together and make mods far better than KotF. I want to thank everyone who has supported this project. web site will not be closed and KotF 2.0 (part 1) will continue being distributed. But there will be no longer updates and new messages on the site. Bye my friends, bye Star Wars... 
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