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Minecraft: Project

In the first episode of Star Wars, Anakin had to race to get free and leave the planet Tatooine. 
This is a replica of the race start that you can see in this movie and also in the game Star Wars Racer.

The map size is 256 x 256 x 128. I made all of the map completely, even the landscape, in Wom: Realms. It took me around 3 days to complete this project and I intend to take more time adding it in my favorite Server World of Minecraft.
i Build this Map Bigger to 512x512 with many more Fame Places of Tatooine.

I got a little help from my little brother DeathPain and he is the one I want to help get a account.

I used the default texture pack and WoM client to build this.

#If i Finished, i do it for Download.

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This is the type of the Race on Kari???

I Need Helpers on my Developer server for Mos Eisley, If you are a Good Builder , Send me a Message to my Profil biggrin

Wow surprised

On This map Will be: Mos Eisley, Anakin's Home Town (EP1), Tusken Camp's.

I Make now a Little Video biggrin

but on this project is the video?

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